Pierce Auction Service and Real Estate
Established in 1963​
​Auctioneer: Keith J  Pierce
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How to Sell at a Pierce Real Estate Auction

The Auction Advantage
The Seller determines when they want their property sold through an auction. A seller can have their property sold in as little as 60-90 days. This enables owners to take control of the timing and management of their real estate assets. Seller determines the conditions under which their property is sold. Auctions allow sellers to sell their property "as is, where is" meaning with no contingencies. This eliminates prolonged and sometimes aggravating negotiations that often end up fruitless. With an auction, your property is sold and generally will close within 15 to 45 days!

​Highest Competitive Values
Through Keith J Pierce's time tested and innovative marketing programs the marketplace is alerted by your property's availability and brought together in the forum of the auction to bid for it's purchase. Through the competitive arena of an auction, buyers compete with each other, not the seller. Through their competition the optimal market values are attained.

​It's Quick & It's Easy
It's quick in that your property can close in 15 - 45 days. It's easy because Keith J Pierce coordinates and manages the entire process. From the collection of property information, creation of marketing materials, staffing, open houses, conduct of the auction, etc. Keith J. Pierce handles all aspects. Also because the auction process is very structured, there are less hassles than a conventional sale.

Call 336.813-3333 or email keith@pierceauction.com​

              REAL ESTATE  AUCTION
             2:PM  SUNDAY APRIL  12

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Address: 155 Fieldcreek Court, Winston-Salem,NC  27105​​​
This Auction Sale was rescheduled due in inclement weather back  in February. 
A "Super Nice" House that needs to be seen to be appreciated.... Over 2,000 Sq. Feet on an Acre+ Lot.

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